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Art Break: Where Will Your Boots Take You This Week? Perhaps Paris By Way of FIT

By A. E. Colas, Contributing Writer, March 13, 2017

New ideas have to come from somewhere. People get tired of the status quo, bored with using materials for a single purpose only, seeing things from only one angle. This week’s Art Break focuses on various aspects of someone saying, “Hey, why don’t I try it this way?” One of the best examples of implementing new ideas is our midtown pick, Paris Refashioned, 1957 – 1968. Check out our bonus tip of a lecture at the Museum at FIT about the show. It’ll give you great insight into our current celebrity culture. All listings are free admission.

Art Break Downtown:

Where: CRG Gallery, 195 Chrystie Street

When: Now through April 9, Tues – Sat: 11-6

Who: Tomory Dodge: Deep Sleep

What: Abstract images that refract light and shimmer on the canvas

Why: Unique qualities of materials not associated with fine art create a new image of beauty

Art Break Chelsea:

Where: Winston Wächter, 530 West 25th Street

When: Now through April 1, Tues-Sat: 10-6

Who: Andreas Kocks: PLACES

What: Meticulously cut and crafted paper sculptures

Why: Effervescent beauty in a piece of paper

Art Break Midtown (up to 59th Street, East or West):

Where: Museum at FIT, Seventh Avenue and 27th Street

When: Now through April 15, Tue – Fri: 12-8, Sat: 10-5

Who: Paris Refashioned, 1957 – 1968

What: Examines the trends of fashion during a time of political and social upheaval

Why: Fabulous clothes and how they got that way

* Bonus Tip: Register for Fashion and Celebrity in 1960’s France, a free talk by Colleen Hill on Tuesday, March 21 at 6pm.

Art Break Above 60th Street (East or West):

Where: Aquavella Galleries, 18 East 79th Street

When: Now through April 6, Mon – Fri: 10-5

Who: Damian Loeb: Sgr A*

What: Twelve paintings of the sky and outer space, using analog and digital technologies

Why: Lose yourself in the beauty and mystery of skyscapes

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.34.05 AM (2)



Cover: André Courrèges, boots, 1964, part of ‘Paris Refashioned, 1957-1968’ exhibit at The Museum at FIT; photo: Eileen Costa / The Museum at FIT.


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