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Cirkus Cirkör: Limits at BAM Howard Gilman Opera House

BAM Howard Gilman Opera House

30 Lafayette Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217

Five acrobats catapult and tumble through a strikingly rendered world of sea-, land-, and cityscape, grappling defiantly to connect across the walls, fences, and other obstacles that spring up between them. Equal parts high-flying spectacle and trenchant critique, Limitsimagines a world in which we soar over the borders that separate us—if we can only keep each other from collapsing. In this acrobatic exploration of an EU in flux, set to an eclectic live score, Sweden’s Cirkus Cirkör (Wear it like a crown, 2012 Winter/Spring; Inside Out, 2009 Next Wave) sets out to challenge both the limits of the human body and the body politic. —BAM

Conceived and directed by Tilde Björfors
Music by Samuel “Looptok” Andersson

Set design by Fanny Senocq, Stefan ”Drake” Karlström, Joel Jedström, and Tilde Björfors
Costume design by Jonna Bergelin
Video and projections by Johannes Ferm Winkler, Tom Waldton, and Per Rydnert / Visual Relief Lighting design by Fredrik Ekström
Choreography by Olle Strandberg
Make up design by Madelene Söderblom


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