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European Art at Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum

200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11238

This major reinstallation of our European art collection presents masterpieces spanning the Early Renaissance through World War II.

The selection of sixty-three drawings, prints, paintings, and sculptures in marble, plaster, and bronze addresses identity-making in Europe through themes of the body (The Nude), faith (The Sacred: Religious Art), fashion (The Secular: Portraiture), and a sense of place (The Menacing Landscape and The Tranquil Landscape).

The installation includes paintings by American artists working in Europe or responding to European traditions at home, broadening the traditional borders of the collection and reflecting our expansive, transatlantic approach and our commitment to rethinking the global context in which these works are presented.

The gallery also includes ten bronze sculptures by Auguste Rodin, which came to us through the generosity of Iris and B. Gerald Cantor. Placing the Rodins alongside paintings by the artist’s European contemporaries invites visitors to engage with the full spectrum of our European collection.

This installation of the Brooklyn Museum’s European Art collection is organized by Richard Aste, Curator of European Art. —Brooklyn Museum


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