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Genre-Resistant Duo Endless Field Celebrates Its Debut Recording at Subculture


45 Bleecker Street New York, NY 10012

Under the overarching umbrella of jazz, a lot of mix and match can happen to create a wondrous conglomeration of compelling music. So, welcome the duo Endless Field (guitarist Jesse Lewis and bassist Ike Sturm) and its first self-same recording that, according to Jazz Notes contributing reviewer Denin Koch, conjures up a rare treat of ambient music, jazz music, pop music, all mixed together to create “an impossible vastness against the backdrop of a starry twilight…listening to its self-titled debut album is a 45-minute journey to another world.” He describes it as music that is at once “simple and complex, accessible and challenging, anthemic and introverted.” Its show at Subculture offers, what Koch writes, “a journey to another world.” Recommended. —Dan Ouellette

Cover: Endless Field: (l. to r.) Jesse Lewis and Ike Sturm; photo: Christopher Georgia.


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