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Lincoln Center Festival: Ornette Coleman’s Chamber Music at Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse

Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse

165 West 65th Street, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10023

“New music dream team.” – Time Out New York on Ensemble Signal

Even as he was pushing the boundaries of improvisation, Ornette Coleman was also focused on capturing what he heard in his head in through-composed works. His orchestral piece Skies of America, performed at Lincoln Center Festival in 1997, and numerous chamber works earned him accolades from many classical music innovators, including Virgil Thomson and Leonard Bernstein, who often invited Ornette to performances and rehearsals at Lincoln Center. Join members of Ensemble Signal as they illuminate this intriguing corner of Coleman’s artistry.

Trinity (Fantasy for Solo Violin), 1986

Forms and Sounds, 1967

In Honor of NASA and the Planetary Soloists, 1986
Soloist Jackie Leclair, Oboe

The Sacred Mind of Johnny Dolphin, 1986
Soloist Seneca Black, Trumpet


Cover: Ornette Coleman, Lincoln Center Festival; photo: Stephanie Berger.


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