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Review: Pit Stop Players and Chase Brock Experience Unite with Amazing Results


By Jody Williams, Contributing Writer, May 21, 2016

I had the pleasure of attending An Evening of Live Music and Dance Extravaganza: Pit Stop Players/The Chase Brock Experience at Peter Norton Symphony Space. The Pit Stop Players, conducted by Joshua Rosenblum, provided the music and The Chase Brock Experience provided the dance. As a dance lover, I was looking forward to seeing talented performers, without much prior knowledge of either ensemble or their styles, and was expecting it to be good—I just wasn’t prepared for how good.

The Pit Stop Players performed pieces by conductor Rosenblum, as well as a few other composers you may have heard of—Beethoven, Sousa or Zellnik ring a bell? The music alone would be representative of a performance thousands of people would (and do) attend any Friday night; adding The Chase Brock Experience did the impossible of perfecting perfection. Fusing ballet with modern, jazz and many other types of dance I’m unable to name, the dancers brought new and different aspects out of well-known and beloved pieces of music. I’d never seen a performance of Beethoven’s music accompanied by dancers wearing fishnet-style tights performing a modern routine; the entire show was like this—costumes, choreography, and music working together—where separately, it wouldn’t seem possible.

Throughout the show and the various combinations of each grouping, Rosenblum and the 14 other members of The Pit Stop Players had the presence and sound of a more substantial ensemble, while Chase Brock’s ensemble of 14 presented a musical theater sensibility combined with the energy of rock-and-roll for which they’re known. Although this was a one-time performance, I urge you to visit both of these group’s websites and see when they are next performing, and we’ll hope they will be united together again soon.  Links: and .



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