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The Riverbed by Yoko Ono at Andrea Rosen Gallery


Anne Nowell, Contributing Writer, January 16th, 2016

Take a break from the busy streets of New York City and unwind from the holidays at Yoko Ono’s one of a kind exhibition. The exhibits are being held in two separate galleries, both located in Chelsea, at Galerie Lelong or Andrea Rosen Gallery. This exhibition will, of course, be hands on, as Yoko Ono is known for getting the audience participating and involved. Yoko Ono’s vision for this exhibition is to take a step back and become one with the universe. To achieve this, Yoko Ono has designed different activities for the audience to take part in. The first of these activities centers around a stone. River stones are placed on the floor, and the participants are instructed to pick one up, put it in their lap, and use it as a meditation tool. Once the stone is used for this purpose, it changes from a plain old river stone into a cherished sentimental item, and is then placed in the center of the room. Another activity is to repair broken cups set up on a table with glue and tape. While the participant is doing this, it is meant to metaphorically make them aware of the repairing that the universe needs as well.

 Yoko Ono’s intent for creating the same exhibition in two separate spaces is to see how the audience reacts and changes the space over time. Though the two galleries will start out in the exact same way, the different participants will fill each space with different energy and intentions, and these differences will be recorded. So stop what you’re doing, take a trip down to Chelsea and be a part of a famous artist’s vision!

Ending jan. 23 2016, and at Galerie Lelong, ending jan. 29 2016.




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