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A spot-on look at “Dating”–Theater News

By Jody Williams, Contributing Writer, Theater News, November 24, 2015

As a single woman in New York City, I am a credible source when speaking about the single experience. And as all single people know, being single is awesome! Except for when it’s not. And the same goes for how we all feel while in relationships. Relationships are great! Until they’re not, unless you’ve already been #blessed with #relationshipgoals. Nevertheless, the dating world is full of uncomfortable, heartwarming, devastating, and hilarious moments.

Dating: Adults Embracing Failure is one of the most accurate depictions of this I’ve seen, ever. With a cast of only two people, Josh Lanzet and Lindy Voeltner, you’d think this would be hard to accomplish. You’re dead wrong. The play, which was also written by the two stars and directed by Andy Eninger focuses on the highs and lows of relationships from the beginning to the end.

Opening with a series of cheesy pick-up lines from each actor to the audience, the scene is set for us to see the start of these various relationships we’ll witness over the relatively short performance. We see one relationship between twenty-somethings progress from a casual work situation to the moment where they DTR (define the relationship). We see an older pair who discover something in common in their retirement community. What starts as a very public disagreement between yet another two strangers soon becomes a couple taking a trip to strengthen their relationship. And finally, we see the awkward first date that becomes a sweet and tender partnership. Those are the main couples portrayed by Josh and Lindy but there are other short and funny interactions in between. The audience becomes invested in each and every situation as if they are separate and different couples, which they really are. Josh and Lindy’s talents are evident: The set includes little more than chairs and the only costume changes involve glasses, sweaters, and a hat. Yet they bring vastly different characters fully to life, and the audience is able to focus on what’s important: the characters and their words. Sadly, this was the final performance of Dating’s New York run. However, the show travels and considering the public reception I predict it will be returning soon. Check them out here!


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