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CeeLo Williams new single ROBIN WILLIAMS – too soon? – Single Review

ceelo green robin williams single

By Michael Scapp, Contributing Writer,  September 23, 2015


While on the surface, it may seem that CeeLo’s new solo single is a direct tribute to the Mork and Mindy star Robin Williams who took his own life in 2014, but the song is more of a PSA which invokes the names of other fallen big name stars from the past few decades.  Names like John Belushi, Richard Pryor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Phil Hartman, Chris Farley and others are dropped as CeeLo attempts to get the point across that we don’t always know what the pain inside someone is like. At the same time the lyrics suggest that we should ♫laugh the pain away

The song starts off with a funky bass and percussion beat provided orally, a la Michael Jackson.  The song is sparse with a soft organ against the beat and handclaps. The song gradually builds with more and more authentic instruments added.  CeeLo’s vocal arrangements have more than enough hooks to catch even the most casual listeners.If this is any indication of what CeeLo’s upcoming album, Heart Blanche, then we pop fans are in for a real treat. 

Some may find it in bad taste to capitalize on such a tragic death, so soon. I don’t. I think that Robin’s suicide was so tragic and ugly that any upbeat tribute that may replace the reality of it is always welcome.

Michael Scapp

Contributing Writer

September 23rd, 2015


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