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Kevin Burke Releases His Debut EP, Waiting Season– Album Review​

After my initial personal listening party for Kevin Burke’s debut EP, the music felt solitary and personal.It came as no surprise to me then to find out that he had written and performed all of the five songs himself. It feels very much like a solo project, in the same way that McCartney’s first solo album differed from The Beatles or even when Prince decides to be the sole artist in a particular track. There’s definitely a different feel from a band effort where multiple personalities merge into one, here it sounds very much like a single vision, Kevin Burke’s vision.
At merely 20 years old, Burke has undertaken a lot to write and record this EP by himself, but as he has started his nationwide tour, it must have been difficult to put a band together as well. To my ears his music seems to be pulled from the same sources of influence. He attempts a Beatle-esque quality, at certain moments, such as the horn section of the opening track Wherever You Are. His vocals sound eerily similar to Tom Higgenson from Plain White T’s. With the piano dominating as the instrument of choice, there can be comparisons made to Billy Joel as well, even lyrically. The title track Waiting Season is the clearest proof of this.

The most commercial song for me is Don’t Let It Be True, with catchy choruses and verses with a bit of a harder edge than the rest of the songs. You have to be impressed with Burke’s musicianship as he tackles all of the instruments, including the guitar solos. While his music may remind me of others at each turn, his solitary vision still stands in the forefront, especially on a song like Eye to Eye, with its odd timing and slight jazz feel to it. I hear a bit of Elvis Costello in there as well by the way.
According to his Facebook page, some of the tour had to be cancelled but it’s not stopping him for long as he looks forward to making it over to the West Coast in the upcoming weeks. The Long Island native will be playing dates there coming in the beginning of September.
Michael Scapp, Contributing Writer


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