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MAD: Anne Lindberg — The Eye’s Level

Museum of Arts and Design

2 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019

Anne Lindberg the long sun, 2017 thread and staples 16 x 35 x 9 feet Courtesy the artist

Anne Lindberg is a Hudson Valley-based artist working in the expanded field of drawing. Making installations and drawings that consider the landscape of body and space, her work provokes emotional, visceral and perceptual responses to light, architecture, time, movement and color. Interested in the relationship between deep thinking and composing, especially as the latter develops and unfolds through walking, Lindberg forefronts movement as a significant component in her making, characterizing her studio practice a paced and daily conversation with place.

Using heavyweight, colored thread, drawn taut through a space, Lindberg expands both fiber and drawing practices into the spatial and architectural realms. the eye’s level, Lindberg’s new site-specific installation for The Museum of Arts and Design, is her first solo exhibition in a New York City museum and furthers her investigation into the building of color fields from the accumulation of thread-as-line, stitched, so-to-speak, into the walls.

Lindberg’s installations appear like hovering clouds of color suspended in air, a formal accomplishment that considers the light, architecture and movement around and through a site. Each installation is built from thousands of thread lines, held in tension between two points. The process of installation is made visible to the viewer, as Lindberg walks the thread across the space – scaling up, and making bodily, the act of drawing.

the eye’s level pairs a new installation, composed in pearlescent tones to build a shimmering, luminescent field, with one of Lindberg’s large-scale pencil drawings on matte-board. The effect is that of a raking light, cutting across the gallery, making material and fixing in time, the sensation and effect of a cool ray of mid-morning light. —Museum of Arts and Design

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Cover photo: Anne Lindberg, the long sun, 2017, thread and staples 16 x 35 x 9 feet; Courtesy the artist; Museum of Arts and Design MAD


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