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New Ratings Site for Theater Launches Today –

Jil Picariello, Theater Editor, September 15, 2015

The “where have you been all my life?” category of websites has a new entry: opened to the public today, and speaking on behalf of theater-goers everywhere, I say “thank you” (and not just because they’re featuring my reviews).

What is Show-Score? Here’s the simple answer: It’s Rotten Tomatoes, but for theater. It’s TripAdvisor, but for theater. It’s Yelp, but for…well, you get the point. It’s a free online service geared to help theater devotees answer the burning question: “What the heck should I see?”

Show-Score is independent, does not review shows, and does not sell tickets. It’s there to organize information about all theater productions, including ticket prices (box office and major discounts) and professional reviews from over 700 critics worldwide (including me!).

It’s also an online community of theater lovers that invites members to share their own reviews, score productions, and follow other members and critics (like me!) whose tastes they share.

Show-Score was started by self-described “theater and software geek” Tom Melcher, who grew up doing community theater and programming minicomputers. After stints at IBM and McKinsey, Melcher was part of the internet startup scene, with senior management experience at CNET, MongoDB, and others. He created Show-Score after moving to New York and finding that the New York City theater scene could be surprisingly difficult to navigate, “As a theater fan, I just wanted it to be easier to figure out what to see.” His goal: “Together we can help each other find shows we’ll love, while expanding audiences for this amazing art form.”

To celebrate the launch of Show-Score, the company is giving theater-lovers a terrific gift: They’re giving away free tickets to the massive hit show “Hamilton.”  Visit for more details and to join the community.


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